About us


Hi, we are Beata and Juraj, based in Bratislava (Slovakia) and living in Austria.

Beata is a creative professional with 10 years of journalism, public relation and marketing experience.  Her clients include Hyundai, SEAT, Hubert Sparkling Wine, Chateau Amade – Luxury Hotel Spa and Restaurant, Boutique Hotel & Restaurant Pri Mlyne – Lozorno (Slovakia), Wedding Magazine (Slovakia), FC DAC 1904 Dunajska Streda, OLO – waste collection and disposal, European Commission Representation in Slovakia, UNIQA, Slovak Football Association and more.

Juraj is a creative producer with rich experience in advertising, movie and production. He has been working for Hollywood movies and series as Outlander, Hanna, Robin Hood, Frankenstein, he is the producer of the Slovak documentary Martin Tapak and he worked on ads for Hyundai, OBI, Phase, Slovak Football Association and much more.

Besides our work, we love travelling and places, that are unique and authentic. We have visited more than 40 countries and everywhere we are looking for places beyond the tourist traps. Places with authentic experiences. We will be glad if you contact us for the following:

Customized travel planning

Travel booking

Hotel, airline, and product reviews



Commercial & documentary production

Influencer & press trips

Marketing, PR and digital strategy

Social media management

Brand development

We are looking forward to our cooperation:-)

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