Why “unique places to see?”

Stay away from restaurants, that have menus in five languages. That’s always a tourist trap. Yo want to eat, where the locals eat.

What makes “unique places to see” different?

We are always looking for non-touristy countries and places. Of course, everywhere you can find temples, museums, churches, large restaurants, huge hotels and attractions full of tourists, who pay a lot of money. But the real experience is to visit places beyond the tourist traps. Places with real local people. Places, that are not expensive. Places without a lot of tourists. Just these places will reveal the truth about the country and bring you unforgettable experiences.

What are your favorite destinations?

We honestly loved every place we’ve visited! And it was more than 40. Namibia, Colombia, Japan, Ecuador, Panama, Thailand, Koh Yao Yai and many others blew up our minds. Check our blog for more informations.

Who takes your pictures?

All photos and videos are ours.

Who designed your blog?

We did. Need help with your blog? Contact us

How can we work together?

Visit our portfolio to learn more.

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