5 reasons why we fell in love with Cartagena, Colombia

Discover unique restaurants, stunning rooftop bars and an art scene like anywhere else.

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1, Colours are everywhere 

Cartagena is famous for colours. Colours are everywhere – on colonial buildings, on streets, in shops and street art is also full of colours.


2, Unique restaurants 

Discover unique restaurants in this beautiful city. The Cartagena food scene is a very good reason to make a trip to Colombia.


3, Stunning rooftop bars

You will find here some incredible rooftop bars – full of cocktails, culture, and charm. We tried rooftop bar in Movich hotel. Go there in the evening and you will see a whole city with beautiful lights.


4, An art scene like anywhere else 

The Getsemani neighborhood of Cartagena was historically home to servants and the lower class of Cartagena. Now it is the artistic heart and soul of Cartagena. When you walk through this community you’re greeted by vibrant depictions of Caribbean life splayed out on the crumbling stucco walls of authentic Spanish Colonial buildings. Almost every street is lined with Getsemani Graffiti with bright murals showcasing culturally significant images from the historic to the modern.


5, Old and New Town

Old Town and Bocagrande are the two main tourist neighborhoods in Cartagena, but aside from being partially set beside the sea, they have little else in common. Within the weathered walls of Old Town, you’ll see Spanish-Colonial architecture that’s been either lovingly restored or left to crumble, and a few mom-and-pop places that are still mixed in with hip new restaurants, shops and boutique hotels. Bocagrande is lined with a jumble of high-rises, chain hotels, often congested traffic, pockmarked sidewalks, gleaming shopping malls and casual beach-shack cafes. Its shore is dotted with umbrellas and lounge chairs (for hotel guests) as well as lawn chairs beneath canopies emblazoned with cell-service logos (for lower-income locals). Note that you’ll find a similar mix of new construction, scruffy local vendors and wealthy Colombians on the prettier beach at La Boquilla, a Miami-esque luxury condo and hotel district emerging from one of the oldest, poorest neighborhoods in the city.  Closer to sea level, take in city views from the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas. Meant to deter foreign armies and hordes of pirates during the 17th and 18th centuries, this mega-fort took roughly 120 years to build and is still amazingly intact today.


Would you like to know more about Cartagena? Let us know and we will be happy to advise you 🙂

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